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To put that another way, you can't negotiate at all,, let alone be constructive and forward thinking with someone who has tried to kill you with an axe moments before and could just as easily try again. You overpower them, disarm them and have them locked up.
Yes, but what do you really do, in the real world?
This is the kind of rhetoric you hear from a lot of people but it just boils down to posturing and venting. No offence, and I understand that there are people who've been wronged, but it doesn't achieve much.

I'm not trying to tell people who've had seriously bad experiences with CASA to forget it, but if everyone adopts a 'they're all a bunch of bastards and the whole organisation must be scrapped before anything else can happen', then nothing will happen.

It sounds like the acceptance of most of the recommendations of the Forsyth review (e.g. the need to ensure regulations are reviewed and rewritten in plain language if needed) and the appointment of a new DAS are a good start. Expressions and actions of good faith on both sides will be needed to start and keep the ball rolling, however slowly. That's all I'm saying.
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