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I think most people must be getting sick of the flood of venting which ensues as soon as anyone mentions the acronym CASA, and I'd like to respectfully suggest that rather than bash them at every opportunity, we aim to be constructive and forward-thinking in our criticism from here on in.
Arm-out-the window,

Do you work for CASA?

Do you have any conception of the damage CASA ( and its predecessors) has done to the whole of the Australian aviation industry.

Perhaps you would like to explain the why all the many inquiries into whatever the aviation regulator was called at the time --- including the "Morris" inquiry, the longest inquiry conducted into a Commonwealth Government entity since federation.

I use the term inquiry to include all formal inquiries, from the Royal Commissions downwards.

"Most people" in the industry are getting progressively more vocal due to the lack of action of the Forsyth Report. I am more than a little amused at the frantic efforts within CASA to denigrate the Forsyth (ASRR) report --- all characterized as just being a few malcontents --- not your "most people" --- probably a view, with which you would agree.

Well, that handful of malcontents, the ones described by a senior CASA person as being an examples of the "ills of society" include both major airline groups, every aviation representative body in Australia, and several hundred individuals, many of them notables in the industry.

You really should re-consider your thoughts on the matter, you are way off the pace.

Tootle pip!!

Whether you accept it or not, the various ICAO and FAA audits have been damning of CASA, with Australia narrowly avoiding a downgrade to Cat 2 after the last FAA audit, I assume you understand the commercial carnage that would be visited on both Qantas and Virgin, if that happened.
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