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Dolan on MH370 - "Ad libitum"??

Aye, 'tis all passing strange; indeed. Bollocks sticker impending.
Indeed Kharon still trying to track whether the Beaker quotes from Bloomberg have been made official theory or summation from the JACC webpage - Operational Search Update. From this you can see the last official update was on 10 December 2014 (note the Bloomberg article mentions telephone interviewed Bea-cur the day before 12/12) and there has been no official MR given since 17 November 2014....

One of the MSM international outlets that keeps their finger on the pulse -with the official updates from the JACC - is the Daily Mail here is an article link which recognises the 10 December update: First images of the search for MH370 are released

And this was the article the Daily Mail put out yesterday:
Main search for MH370 could end in May as hunt fails to show any sign of missing plane
  • Investigators say the search for MH370 may finish in May
  • Decisions regarding the search will be made in collaboration between Malaysia, China and Australia
  • Last week, family members of the 239 passengers on-board provided DNa samples to assist in identifying any bodies that may be found
  • Lead search agency released an images showing what they have recorded as they scour the Indian Ocean floor
  • The image was captured by the GO Phoenix vessel, which returned the search area on Tuesday to continue underwater operations
  • More than 9,000 square kilometres of ocean floor has been searched to date with no sign of the missing plane
Neither of which acknowledges the Bea-cur contribution as he relayed to Bloomberg but the Daily Mail in the 2nd article does get an official statement from the JACC that all going well the designated search area could be completed by May 2015:
Investigators searching for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 say they could finish scouring the priority zone by May, more than a year after it vanished, if there are no delays with vessels, equipment and weather.
Which does give a higher than normal probability of the Kharon hypothesis coming into play...:
"He's setting up for the exit strategy". Bets will be taken on what day in May Bea-Cur will roll off the top, as and when directed. "Oh, It's all too hard and we have not got enough data to justify endlessly continuing to widen the search area; anyway, we don't believe that any information of 'safety' value will be found; which precludes finding the 'black-box'.
Either way it does leave the question of whether Bea-cur is on-script or off script (official/unofficial) open-ended...

Given the current black cloud that he is under - with the PelAir cover-up to be reviewed by the ATsB - I do wonder why the powers to be have not put a muzzle on Bea-cur until such time as it is all sorted or again obfuscated...

Here is what Bea-cur had to say less than a month ago in that vomitus lunch time interview to the SMH- The world's biggest mystery is in Martin Dolan's sights:
He also oversaw the investigation into the ditching of a Pel-Air ambulance plane off Norfolk Island in 2009. Amazingly, all six people on board survived the crash.

A senate committee slammed the bureau's handling of the inquiry, criticising its report for focusing on the pilot's actions and lacking analysis or details of factors that assist the wider industry.

Dolan says the government accepted the bureau's advice that no safety purpose would be served by reopening the investigation as was urged by the committee.

At the bureau's request, he adds, Canadian transport safety regulators are currently conducting a peer-review of the the body's policies and how they were implemented in several investigations, including Pel-Air.

"We learnt that there are different views of our work and how we do it and that aviation safety is an area where people have different views and they don't always agree with you," Dolan says.
Isn't it amazing how certain statements can sometimes come back to haunt...

But to be fair Bea-cur wasn't to know that the Miniscule would also apparently go "off-script" and pronounce in Parliament less than 2 weeks later...

"...I am concerned that the TSB report raises some concerns about the application of ATSB methodologies in the investigation of the ditching of the Pel-Air aircraft off Norfolk Island in 2009. As a consequence I have asked the ATSB Commission to give serious consideration to re-opening the investigation..."

Followed by...

"...On a related point, I have just announced that I will shortly be appointing a new commissioner for the ATSB with a specific background in aviation. This will fulfil an undertaking made by the coalition prior to the election and also one of the recommendations of the report. I have asked that a fresh review of the Pel-Air accident take into account the findings of the ATSB report..." (Miniscule speech)

Yes indeed "K" 'tis all 'passing strange'...

One thing is for sure Bea-cur must go and that will be yet another "F" mark for the 800k+ Chief Mandarin in the "Aviation" section of his 2014 report card!


Addendum - Anderson?? - nails it!
"A very dark day in ATSB history was when that farcical report was released." Anderson

ATSB credibility in the aviation sector (and undoubtedly the others as well) - Gone!.

Martin Dolan must now be removed from his post as head of the ATSB - the report and the circumstances surrounding it left no doubt the ATSB was happy to have CASA dictate the content of reports and direct inquiries.
The words 'collusion' and 'deceit' come to mind.

ATSB independence, impartiality and integrity - None!

Now that McCormack has finally departed, its time the ATSB (and the transport sector generally) saw the back of Dolan. He actually seems like quite an affable fellow, but his reputation has been shattered and the Pel-Air fiasco.

It's time to go Mr Dolan.

Only then can the ATSB start to rebuild its fractured reputation and put the whole sorry affair to rest

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