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Sportsfans Impending Bollocks Alert.

Passing strange indeed that this vomitus – 'article' should appear right now.
Dolan: - "I was reminded of the term ‘global village’ this week, when I attended the ATSB’s course in human factors."....

I was immediately reminded of the words used by the Senate inquiry to define the ATSB actions in the report on the Pel Air ditching – words such as deceit, collusion, corruption, obfuscation; and, the actions taken to decimate and discredit the honest, honourable Human Factors elements reported honestly, as provided by those who could probably re-write the 20 year old course Dolan attended, for a photo opportunity. Probably the one and only 'safety' course the untenable Dolan has ever attended.

I find it even stranger that Dolan after obliquely bagging Sir Tim; chooses to use the very 'discreet', selectively read Bloomberg publication to promote the notion that perhaps, he, Dolan has decided to increase the search area as suggested by simulator trials, probably funded by Sir Tim. The problems those relying on 'media' releases face to follow the search for MH 370 are those of credibility and probity. Had anyone else, such as Angus Houston made the statements – HERE – the public could be forgiven for thinking 'well done' and wishing the searchers well. But when statements, such as these are dribbled into the Bloomberg ear, from the Bea-Cur lips, the immediate IOS response is; "He's setting up for the exit strategy". Bets will be taken on what day in May Bea-Cur will roll off the top, as and when directed. "Oh, It's all too hard and we have not got enough data to justify endlessly continuing to widen the search area; anyway, we don't believe that any information of 'safety' value will be found; which precludes finding the 'black-box'.

So, we the IOS, are left to wonder, has the commissioner (for he do seem to like personal, intimate chats with journalists, don't he?) taken his very own personal views to Bloomberg, rather than publishing them through official media channels or, even on his normal one man show "Blog"; or even through 'ATSB Info', which he seems to neglect, or use, as best suits his own, whimsical, devious agenda for personal survival?. Has he now self promoted himself to being the 'expert' on the search patterns?

Aye, 'tis all passing strange; indeed. Bollocks sticker impending.

Toot toot...
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