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Shave or a haircut Sir?

Two sidebars of interest there Sarcs the Heffernan throw away line about 'sleepers' indicates that the committee has just about got the story, but are (were) shy in the evidence department.

Then, one of the BRB is prepared to swear on a Stat Dec that there were several at a Bankstown meeting where all were informed that ripping out the 18/36 runway was an essential part of the purchase deal. Seems the aerodrome could not be sold off, not at any price while that runway remained. Anyone else heard a similar story??.

One final, unsubstantiated 'rumour': that on field rents were 'jacked' up to well above the rates for surrounding off field sites, to make 'leases' undesirable. This in an effort to present a solid case for demolishing the whole place and bringing in the 'developers'. Before a major bank copped a really short, embarrassing haircut. Seems it may yet be a really close shave.

It's quite a tale ain't it, if it's all true. I'm still not convinced, but it all makes for interesting reading. Depends how you read it of course, but, the next couple of weeks could be interesting as the realisation dawns that someone, somewhere is going to be short of a few pennies in the tin when the piper must be paid. I wonder, who'll be left Holding the Baby.

Toot toot.
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