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Of shoes and ships and sealing wax.

Sots "It might be interesting to see who is related to who, or who has family and friends or who are linked to companies who may stand to gain lots of money. etc"
Interesting point, that of 'family and friends' being given a helping hand into trough paradise. I thought, hmm probably another investigative job for the AFP if ever the question was raised by the SC. Then I remembered an almost forgotten brief conversation with a bloke I hardly know, he's 'connected' though; through other interests. Bumped him at a coffee shop, you know; "G'day" "G'day" type of chat while waiting about, now he mentioned, in passing, a Heff initiative, ICAC and airports, as an aside almost, to the main topic which was the possibility of asbestos contamination of the land filled flood plain at Bankstown. As I don't know the bloke very well, I just let it slide past. But now I wonder given the recent AFP keen interest in matters aeronautical, if the blow torch is at least lit; if not yet applied, in earnest. One for the watchers, methinks.

Sarcs "For those interested may I suggest it is also worth referring to the QONs/AQONs for 2011 Estimates, especially Aviation & Airports. etc"
The battle of the QoN's makes a fascinating tale. Have you noticed the changes in weaponry. The SC have, for many years relied on the traditional 'blunt instrument' and a wild swing. The opposition on carefully 'work shopped' answers. Over the last couple of years the QoN have morphed into a surgical tool, used with clinical precision to cut through to the chase. The game of eventually providing fluffy, work-shopped, delayed, non answers to awkward questions is being slowly, but inevitably terminated. Time lines are being enforced, the answers being weighed against the certain knowledge the Senators have, that used to frame the original questions. A lawyer and aviation specialist writing those questions. You'll also notice, (the Staib debacle being classic demonstration), that now the SC want a statement 'for the record'. Staib was, from memory, asked several times 'for the record'; gods help her if it's ever proven that a fairy story was deliberately fractured, under oath and told to the SC.

Despite the negligible support from the minuscule and the passive resistance of the various 'organisations' the SC seem to be beating the MM puppets and Word Weasels at their own, 'confused' game. It's all a bit like watching a chess match; if you have no interest then it's boring and pointless, but the devotees can spot the finesse, appreciate the subtleties and applaud the moves which score the points. Bravo the Senate Committee, sappers undermining the mighty edifice which houses the great myth; that of aviation safety and the bloated trough dwellers it nurtures. Lay on, MacDuff.

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