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Sick, sad and ever so slightly mad.

Lefty –"It would have been better for the TSBC to have redone the investigation."
Nicely phrased and asking all the right questions: the simple truths leaps off the page.

For example; had Dolan been in a position to defend the Pel-Air report then the Hansard statement would read differently; "No Senator, we stand firmly in complete support of our report, I can understand your concerns and suggest that you appoint an independent TSB, such as the Canadian TSBC to review our report". That sort of statement would throw down a challenge and if the review came back 'good', the Senators would have a slice of humble pie for morning tea. Neither Dolan, McComic or Mrdak would ever dare allow an independent review of Pel Air, the Senators were as safe as houses, and they knew it.

ED – "Reading the ATSB media release doesn't increase my confidence that an actual re-investigation will take place.
Slats –"Cover ups are vigorously defended until they become indefensible. Then they often collapse spectacularly as no one wants to be caught in the fallout."
ATSB, CASA and Mrdak will each have their 'own' translation of what the Canucks said, as will the SC ; they all will all read into it what they want to read; and, draw what little comfort and support they may from it. The stark reality is that they will have little option but to stand while an investigation and review of Pel Air is done, by honest men.

I have read the PAIN analysis of Pel Air and contributed in a small way to final draft. When Pel Air and other matters are dealt with impartially, openly and honestly then measured against the prescriptions in the MoU, the TSI Act, ICAO annexe 13 and the CASA protocols it becomes almost impossible to avoid drawing any conclusion other than that of the Australian system being totally perverted and manipulated to suit a predetermined outcome.

If we cannot trust our agencies to act honestly and responsibly in a comparatively 'insignificant' event; then how, in all the seven hells are they to be relied on when the stakes are much higher? This will be of no great comfort to those who have had loved ones killed or hurt in a domestic accident, even less to those praying for MH 370 to be found and a 'just' outcome.

DJ –"The next important step will be the renewal of the Federal Police investigation so as to bring those responsible to account and to prevent this from happening again in the future."
Speed and resolution should now be the public and industry demand. Between the hapless Minuscule and the departments an incredible amount of time, money and public patience has been squandered. The sums wasted would have paid for several new investigators for the undermanned ATSB. I have no idea what the Senate inquiry cost, no notion of what it cost to provide the final report; even less idea of what the Reverent Forsyth's tea party and our Canadian Autumn love in cost: but I expect it was 'significant'.

It's disgusting that this class of money must be spent to expose the deviations and manipulations of a government 'safety' body; which is required to act honourably. But to have those responsible for the behaviour of those agencies prepared to go to extraordinary lengths in defence of that corruption is an absolute international disgrace. It is a repugnant, calculated insult to those who rely government in times of their greatest anxiety, when their loved ones are involved in an accident or incident.

Name 'em, shame 'em and run 'em out of town on a rail; or be forever condemned as part of untrammelled, overt conspiracy to defraud the tax paying, air fare buying public. Have Dolan, McComic and Chambers provided value for money; or increased the safety of Australian travelling public? You know damn well; they have not, they have humiliated and shamed a once proud industry; yet there are those who would defend 'the system' and those who thrive on it. Shame, shame for Australia.

Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides,
Who covers faults at last with shame derides.
Well may you prosper.


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