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Well said Shapeshifter.

- Prop Brake being fitted to a few.
- Single Engine Turn arounds are being performed already in FNQ and work well where possible.
- GPU's used to save battery consumption and used where SET can't be done.
- Refuelling won't be required all sectors and GPU are available.
- Ground Air Con Units will be used where SET not being done, to keep cabin cool. Already used network wide.

Jenna - See Shapeshifters post!

Before you go criticising REX. Skytrans was a GA company that operated RPT services. REX is an Airline and was never a GA company.

In addition REX was probably the ONLY airline in Oz that made money last year. ~$10m. Q - $270m loss, VA - $80m loss? Maybe they do something right, and pay is certainly not "crap" as you are led to believe. On par with aircraft size, pax, and industry standard. IMHO

Enough said.
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