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For a long time, most states in the USA had a drunk driving/DUI limit of 0.10%. But then "Mothers Against Drunk Drivers", or MADD, made it's presence known. Although things such as drunk driving are left up to the individual states, MADD managed to push federal legislation that basically banned federal highway money unless the states lowered the limit to 0.08%. Although some considered this to be unconstitutional, it became the law and soon 0.08% became the law of the land.
The USA magazine Car and Driver did a study at the time. What they found was, not surprisingly, the contribution of alcohol to accidents increases almost exponentially with increasing blood alcohol content, with the vast majority of drunk driving fatalities involved blood alcohol 2 or 3 times the 0.10% legal limit. Further, while there is considerable individual variation, most drivers are competent at levels below 0.10%, and dropping the limit to 0.08% would have minimal impact on drunk driving accidents. It would however make a number of otherwise responsible adults into criminals.
I'm becoming convinced that that last part is the real ultimate goal - to make everyday behavior criminal, then those in power can use selective enforcement to control all our actions
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