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Blood alcohol concentration limit for driving a car in Oz is 0.05% (50mg/100ml)

Yep, and it should be increased to 0.1%, seriously, not a wind up.....where did they get 0.05 from? What point of view from 30 odd years ago came up with that number??

Yes, it is utterly socially unacceptable down here in Oz.

There used to be a police ad on TV (Oz being a Country besieged by advertising and regulations)...the campaign slogan was "Drink and Drive you're a bloody idiot" pub one night, having downed 1/2 doz beers before going into work (I had a job then as a night porter, requiring me to fit into the party atmosphere of a Saturday night, so substance use was high and frequent)....Anyway....the ad comes on in the Pub. probably an ad break in between the footy....and the end of the Ad finishes with the "Drink Drive you're a bloody idiot"....Voice from the back of the bar room shouts out..."Drink and drive and make it home you're a bloody legend!!!"

Twas 20 years ago, no one would say that nowadays....and it is a good thing that drink driving is relegated to history!

I do once remember waking up and looking out the window to see my car in the street, I'd been out in a town approx 80 kms away, no recollection of driving home whatsoever

Different time eh??.....funny though I do remember reading a friends CRM manual for Cathay Pacific in the early 1990's., and a question that stuck with me was along the lines of....."Your Son comes home in your car and parks it at a funny angle....before you admonish him, you remember the times you drive home from the pub and park at odd angles"

It stuck with me as it seemed to indicate that there was a certain level of acceptance that driving home after drinking was acceptable.

Just not done nowadays...generally, that said I saw a woman caught more the 4 times over the limit picking up children from school!
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