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ALDI supply a much reduced number of items from lessor or unknown suppliers and are very much in the driving seat when it comes to pricing, as their customers don't expect name brands and will be happy any supplier as long as the quality and price are right.

Some supermarket own brands come out better in consumer magazine tests than the market leaders. For items such as cooking oil, milk and flour the average shopper couldn't tell the difference anyway.
It doesn't always work. Lidl used to do a sandwich spread virtually indistinguishable from the Heinz one. Then they changed to another, presumably cheaper, one that was absolutely vile. Needless to say, once the regular customers had had a jar each, no one bought any more, and it soon disappeared from the shelves, never to be replaced. At least the big supermarkets can see that if the own brand sales are dropping against the premium brand, its time to run a check on their product's quality.
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