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Truss looked "peculiar" in the HOR yesterday and didn't stay long having "personal business". I doubt he has the stamina to continue although the politicians ego may hold sway. Young Barnaby has a mean and hungry look and the only thing stopping him is numbers loyal to the National Party as opposed to the LNP. Having said this they will be having meetings in a telephone box after the next elections if they continue as they are. Which is a pity because we may then have to look forward to city orientated political party's for future plans for the industry which include aircraft noise over airports and not much more. GA in particular needs regional political representation.

Having read the Albanese transcript of yesterday, he gives me more reason for concern, and to politicize the situation that he presided over with the relevant appointments, nothing is safe in the hands of either.

The IOS would be wise to consider doing a job on MrDak as he seems to be the woodpile in the river Niger.
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