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There's a movement here to try and get more people to intervene when they witness something happen, asking for Zivilcourage, exactly what this unfortunate woman exhibited.

My daughter became involved in this movement when neo-Nazis were proselytizing outside her Gymnasium, in fact. It's nothing to make fun of. We all went on marches, with neo-Nazi thugs on the sidelines glowering at us and taking our pictures.

The woman died after falling back and striking her head on the pavement. That's probably why it's a charge of manslaughter and not murder. On the other hand, one reads of people fatally stabbing the hell out of someone with an assumption on the part of the prosecution that, well, they didn't really mean to kill the victim.

German justice can come off as a bit wishy-washy sometimes; it's much more focused on rehabilitation than on retribution. We had a murder here in the village, when the minor who killed a playmate was given a closed trial, outcome not known, and then a new identity. He's out there somewhere now, either rehabilitated or else waiting to kill again.
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