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Take back the skies

So nothing changes. New DAS, so what? Farkwitson still reigns supreme, dodgy A380 endorsements, Sky Sentinel farce - corruption, malfeasance, tax payer funded abuse. No accountability, no change to the system. Nothing new. The Skull (although a complete gimp) did what he did because he was authorised to do so. MrDak is a shonk, PMC are crooks, the Minister and Prime Minister are snivelling trough extractors loading their pockets and super funds. While Rome burns these parasites become wealthier and have no accountability. Only a revolution will change things. Time to pick up the firey torches and for 22 million people to make a stand in Australia. Until that happens you are all waisting your time.
I live on a very rural property. Do as I want when I want. I maintain my own aircraft and make my own rules. Nobody comes near me, and the day an FOI or AWI turns up, well they shall wish they didnt. And forget 'droning' me boys. A loaded shotgun is always on hand to deal with that situation. Aviation is stuffed and so is Australia. Dont get even, just get smart. I did.

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