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And now, for the real deal -

The chief executive of Emirates believes information on missing aircraft MH370 is being withheld by authorities.
Not by Australia, surely not. Shock, horror, where would a notion like that come from?, not from a harmless, toothless Senate inquiry, surely.

"[This] was revealed in a formerly unpublished full transcript of an interview conducted by well-known aviation journalist Andreas Spaeth, which has been made available on the" etc
Hullo, wuz this : a real 'aviation' journalist talking with someone from the industry who actually has clue. This is much better than a discussion of what failed schoolteachers have for lunch. Sir Tim – here - will have some clever kids looking hard at the 'data' and a simulator working OT, the results may never be published, but word will inevitably, albeit slowly leak out. Whether the 'vested' interests will ever allow the studies into the public domain, let alone a court is a moot question, with a foregone conclusion.

But the smart money is on Sandilands (Plane Talking), de Spiegel and Le Monde – to produce the real deal, or at very least, close to it, (lawyers permitting). Some say the information may even 'surface' this week. No doubt the aforementioned prestige publications will then rush a team of gifted journalists to Oz, all panting to have an intimate, informative lunch (Spag-Bol only, remember the budget) with our very own, home grown expert, Bea-Cur to seek his very own opinion. Will the piece be entitled; We have no need of boxes, black, Orange or any other colour; not with our methodology, as approved by the Canadian TSB.

Oh, what tangled web of Spaghetti to unscramble; alphabet noodles are much safer, more economical too.

Toot toot..

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