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Of chocolate frogs, money tins and muppets

What is frightening about Beaker is that he actually believes he is a skilled, respected, envied consummate safety professional executive....tsk tsk tsk Monsieur Beaker
Over 6 years ago there could little if no mi mi mi mi found within the ATSB. Then along came the doyen of spreadsheets, the master of the money tin, the so called Svengali of safety - Martin. Just over 5 years later we now have a third world safety bureau run by a non investigatory executive management team who have been pussy whipped by CASA (something that would never have happened once upon a time) and they have their plums tightly held by the Government of the day. Yes, the ATSB has become a dysfunctional and poorly managed national embarrassment. The once world leading, reputable, enviable department has become a sham, a laughing stock, a mockery amongst its international peers.

Don't be fooled. If MH370 is found it will have nothing to do personally with the beardless Beaker. The only involvement he has is to check the balance sheet daily to ensure overtime isn't allowed and only cheap brand consumables are purchased for the coffee craving Investigators. Martin will provide the odd media release (written by someone else), occasionally make a muppet of himself on TV and that is where his real involvement ends.

Chocolate frog count as of the last ball of the days play -
Kharon = 1 Creampuff = 1 Beaker = 0

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