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Scrambling for loose change

Australian Transport Safety Bureau has lost 12 percent of staff due to $2 million budget cuts.
Chief Commissioner says the agency has lost more than 200 years of combined experience in the same year as two Malaysian Airlines disasters.
Incompetent clowns. A bunch of brain dead zombies. For the sake of $2m, (probably what they spend quarterly at Parliament House on coffee, biscuits, cut sandwiches and apple juice for all those busy worker bees) the Government bean counters cull 12% and 200 years worth of experience from the once reputable Investigator?? It really goes to show why this country is rooted! That amount of money would be spent per week at least on pilots, fighter jets, ordinance and sorties over Afghanistan!

You know what, ICAO and the FAA really do need to come back an have a very close look at what an even bigger cluster f#ck this countries aviation has become. The tin of turd polish has truly run dry.
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