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On a more serious note
Jinglie mine was a serious post.

the great problem in australian aviation is that the overarching philosophy of it all has never been decided by common agreement.
McComic has structured a law framework based on mandating the "certified" way of doing things.
It has been apparent now for over a decade now that CAsA totally ignored requests to implement Canadian owner maintenance.
The result is the we continue to do it illegally supposedly.

as a private owner I have an inalienable right to the use, enjoyment and maintenance of my private property. something blithely ignored by CAsA.

article 20a of the universal declaration of human rights is pretty specific.
"no person shall be forced to join an association". it was ratified by australia in 1952 I believe. sorta screws a fair chunk of aviation law I would have thought.

they can write what they like into law. it will only survive until overturned in the high court. in the meantime we just ignore it.
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