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And, the best bit is.


Respective Departmental, Airservices Australia and CASA responsibilities for ICAO Annexes are set out below. These are the prime responsibilities only - does not account for "shadow" arrangements or provision of technical/policy advice by another agency.
But is it coincidence? Are there not subtle forces at work of which we know little?”. Holmes - the Blanched Soldier.
Coincidence is a queer thing; most of the famous detectives won't have a bar of it. MOU - Date, timing and wording – but "shadow" arrangements do not, in any way deflect the liability of the 'ultimately' responsible person.

Quiz show compare - "And now I can reveal our mystery guest - the star of our show?" (pause) (delay) "Come, come - Don't be shy - Step out into the spotlight" (big ruck back stage, then, suddenly, propelled onto centre stage, into the bright lights: a minion, slightly battered and definitely looking confused). "Our volunteer" pipes a voice off stage.

"Oh bugger" say the minion....
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