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stage 6

too true about stage 6!

Any news on possible next recruitment for FEFOs?

Heard retrenchment is already taking place and 7777-200 to be sold? Why arent they getting rid of the surplus E Jets? Might they have overplanned the capacity for regional demand??

Isn't the ab-initio program costing them an arm and a leg.Perhaps they should furlough ab-initios and focus on getting paid for CPLs and ATPLs which they will train ata a faster rate too and get them earlier on line.I hear of rumours to retire the old hats early to pave way for the surplus younger generation coming up already recruited?

I think the aptitude tests should not stop at pre-entry.There are many who do not make it to line check either! Perhaps a sim screen at pre-qualification and post qualoification should yield a more realistic result and weed out those who genuinely dont meet the benchmark?
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