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I'm lived in the "bush" aplenty, and I have a fairly lenient view of pranks and antics, and what I regard as a good sense of humour.
However, this event didn't occur in the "bush", it occurred in a sizeable W.A. town, with a population in excess of 4000 people, and it's properly classed as an urban environment.
Try driving your wingless aircraft up the streets of your local town and see how you go.
The reason why we have so much regulation and "nannying" today, is because too many fools think dangerous and illegal stunts that are carried out, putting others at risk, are funny.
I reckon this bloke is the sort of bloke who would reckon it's fun to dive-bomb cows, like the bloke did South of PER many years ago. We all know what happened in that incident.
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