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Cool Righteo,

WhY You 8,

A gentle reminder, no offence intended.

Firstly, "truth, honesty..." - We are in Australia.
Have you forgotten your location or are you lost space. Perhaps maybe time too.

I firmly believe that the agony from the WORKERS that pay TAX and some, Australia's pilots are on the frothy edge of a revolution.

With good intent.

So maybe have a little belief in your own country (if you're here or lost still), particularly Aviation Industries reasonable requests.

One good reason why not?

No harm. Intent is safety, accountability, learning. fairness and freedom of speech without fear of ramifications.

Too much evidence now and the regulations do not correlate with the current year we live.

Please try and remember why so many have gathered, submitted intelligent requests.

Facts can only be smothered by words of clouded truths for so long. The cloud *#?!'s off and the sun shines through.

Lean which ever side. Support or don't.

I thought a man of your maturity could see the logic of why. Not why not.

History always reveals itself. I think now history voice is quite loud.

Truth, Justice and the Bloody Australian way thanks mate. Crikey ya tool.

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