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After all these years...

Five years next week.
Still the same bullshite from the "Trusted Authorities"

What a crock!
Go Abbott, raise your fists for justice for the Australians that perished in the two air disasters.

Survivors of Oz first Int'l Aviation Incident. Nah. We lived. No justice for us.
Seems like it will just be words, that's all. Thanks PM and co.

This is a living hell. Every day. Knowing the truth and watching the clowns perform their deceitful acts.

I lost so much that night. Have fought for the truth and justice.

Not a day goes by lately when I sit in pain, knowing the pain and disability is permanent.

Some days I honestly do wish I perished. This living hell that my own country has put me and others on board through is not acceptable.

How about justice for the living?

I am so disgusted with my "leaders" that I will leave this country when all is done. If I survive that long.

Bunch of pathetic asses. How can they do this to their own citizens?

Mr Skidmore. I beg you to be honest and finish this disgraceful and embarrassing, torturous battle. Please. No-one else has yet shown the balls to do so.
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