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No problem Steve, (and thanks allcool names!!!)

Not calling you a liar or inferring that. I just queried the numbers a bit as the only accidents with 5 fatalities within Australia that I can readily recall were Willowbank and Caboulture accidents, both of which involved the ATSB, not BASI. Taking your age into account I thought that failing those two accidents the one that you refer to was obviously quite a while ago (as it involved BASI) , hence the number question. This is no doubt my mixup but hopefully you'll set the record straight here!!!

Oh, and I'm sure the new DAS would also be keen to learn how someone with the vast legal and expert aviation experience that you have can help prevent future accidents simply by sharing in a community such as this. Hang on a sec....hasn't that happened before historically with others?

Come on Steve, be a bit refreshing for a change!!


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