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Quite hontestly, he hasn't. There might be something about low hour, low paid or even pay to fly cadets, forced to work as fake contractors that doesn't sit right. And yes, it does put pressure on conditions elsewhere. But they are not the only ones to blame, there is a much larger portion to those pilots already in the company when it all started watching it happen without doing anything.

And then there are those companies that have always taken in cadets as their main source of new pilots and have some of the best conditions out there, the likes of lufthansa, KLM and so on, and even some second tier airlines that have in fact increased their conditions considerably despite taking in only or mainly low hour pilots or even running their own cadet program, despite those new pilots being in debt.

There is no correlation between experience and conditions. There is not even a correlation between experience and safety. However there is a very strong correlation between selection, training environment and both conditions and safety.
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