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BA is a facade. Fly to serve. But it all boils down to lifestlye. No money no honey. The average British home price is 272000. On a takehome of 3100 and to save a deposit of 20% and come up with the 2000 a month to service the mortgage a month will leave you broke. There fore its rental only.Or a park home with granny.
highfive, no wonder you turn your nose up at 52k starting. You need to go and see a decent mortgage broker, you are being well and truly taken advantage of. A 90% mortgage on an average house (272,000) will have monthly repayments of around 1200 - 1300. Yes, saving for a deposit is difficult, but that is true of any profession in todays world in the south east of England. If you don't like that, go into politics, become an MP and change it.

BA isn't everyones cup of tea; no one on here has any problems with that. I work for BA and Im not the company biggest fan. Some of the negativity however, over that last few pages astounds me. BA are taking on low hour pilots and paying them 52k basic; have you seen whats happened in Monarch recently?

Get in the real world. The "old" world died along time ago.
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