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To the contrary, I take no offense at the "disparagement."

I am not a tanker expert.

But BEagle's post was pointedly skewed.

If he'd simply pointed out the buffoonery of Boeing (again, shocked, I tell you), I'd have been fine with it.

On a related note, domestic politics influencing defense procurement involving billions of dollars?!

Shock is taking a beating today.

And yes, I'd rather Boeing get my tax dollars than Airbus, regardless of where it's constructed. Built is very different than design ownership.

Suppose there is a political fall-out in future years between the U.S. and Airbus nations?

Follow-on support, upgrades, tech specs, etc.

No chance of that lever of power to be pulled if thought necessary?

A little more difficult for Boeing to stick it to Uncle Sam than Eurobus.

And yes, we could, probably have, done the same. I'd rather not be on the losing side of that proposition, if possible.
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