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I can't help but think that the controller / ATC knew that he was a fake and strung him along (keeping in mind there's a remote chance that it could have been real) and then alerted authorities to head to his suspected location. I know from the past that AirServices have personnel that they can engage to track down dodgey transmitters. At a guess you'd need the Dornier or HEMS to track him down from the air. What an absolute tosser.

I'm happy for the thread to stay. Perhaps we can talk about how he should be sentenced.

The poor ATC guy was starting to sound like the "pilot" after a while.

Some strange comments from the "pilot." He certainly is creative.

"We are casting for up and coming events in your city."

Then he pretends to be the Wedgetail pilot saying: (seemingly he has convinced the female ATC)

"We have a particular piece of equipment that can devise a [email protected] map of underwater topography."

"We have to return to base."

"We have got contact of interest, a boat, and are watching it very closely."

"Well fitted out, appears to be white, although we are looking at it through infra-red so it's hard to know. (it was) loitering in the area before the incident."

- After all that, she simply acknowledges the calls from "Wedgetail 07."

Rescue 500 then comes on the radio acknowledging that it could be a hoax but they are treating it that it could be real.

I hope they send him a big fat bill when they find him. Tosser.

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