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Pity they didn't have that policy when NQY and many others had links to LHR and then got turfed out by BA, with the then Tory govts blessing.
Indeed, inadequate rwy capacity at LHR was an issue all those years ago. The government declared LHR "full" in 1977.

So NQY-LGW set to continue with flybe 3x daily !

Couldn't of seen that one coming

Good news though, Simon!

=3,100,000/(4*365) / (6*78)= 4.54 per seat.
Was under a fiver really all it took ?

poor use of taxpayers money TBH
Do you think? Compare and contrast with the billions poured down the EU black hole every week.

Now that really is a "poor use of taxpayers money", especially as the EU is completely unable to get its accounts audited year after year.

And there's another 1.7 billion. Dave's only said that he won't pay it on 1-12-14 (not that he ain't paying it), and that's only because there's a "difficult" by-election on 29-11-14.

yeah, so is paying out 100s of millions per year for layabouts to sit on their arses and laughing at everyone else earning the money they receive. What's your point Harry?
These payments pale into insignificance in comparison, with our EU contributions.

Looking back Newquay was BA's only profitable route on the turboprop fleet when they ditched the lot.
There are other carriers, or there would have been but for the inadequate rwy capacity at LHR back then.
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