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T & C are degrading all over the place it's not just aviation.
People that have only worked in Aviation will always complain.
The industry I used to work in has always had rent to pay to to work. You were self employed but still had to buy company uniform, how does that work? I was lucky and got with a good company but still had to take a 20% pay cut. I had been at my company for 7 years, there answer was don't like it leave. My wife left her company for a while to do something else decided to go back as she never hated it just wanted time out. Ok salary was same but holidays had been cut across the board and you are not allowed to take more than 2 weeks in a row off. Her old boss moans and says not the same bla bla bla.
If you look at corporate world no one stays in a company for more than a few years, not like the old days were they would look after you the longer you stayed. Banking has gone down. My mate started at JP Morgan on 45k a year plus rent paid for first year as an intern 10 years ago!!!! Now they don't get anywhere near that. Throw in inflation and you can see how much better off he was.
I actually don't just think it's the LCC degrading the industry. What about the big boys BA, Lufthansa etc. you have to start them at a young age or there is no point. I think it's very backward that say a guy has 10 years exp with company A as First Officer then decides to apply for company B as First Officer and has to take a huge pay cut, what because of some training to get upto to company SOPs and loyalty.
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