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A question if i may.
Please excuse my simplistic view.

Why do the Marines need a STOVL, supersonic, stealth platform to perform ground support missions?
STOVL on it's own, yes i can see that.
Supersonic and stealth together, yes good utility.
All three together? In what situation could STOVL, stealth and supersonic all be of utility?
Please note i am are talking of the US Marines and their doctrine here. The RN or other small niche operators are not relevant.

If you can use STOVL to be close to the front line the chances that the opposition have kit that makes stealth and supersonic capability necessary are low to zero. So why do you need them?

If you need stealth and supersonic capability the likelyhood is the opposition have kit that makes STOVL capability pointless, so why is it needed?

If you need to perform missions that require stealth and supersonic capability due to the oppositions capability a CVN is going to be there so those missions can be undertaken by the aircraft on the CVN.

QED: The aircraft on the LHA/LHD do not need to be STOVL, stealth and supersonic.

Am i over simplfying this and if so would it be too much to ask for a reasoned explanation?
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