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Well, glad to see the usual lefties ready to pronounce inanimate objects as evil and spontaneously aroused to murder and mayhem. The same people who caution us not to judge Muslims, Jews, and other "outsiders" by the evil actions of the few members of said group; call the dogs of government down on millions of law-abiding firearms practitioners exercising their constitutional rights as murderers, lunatics or fetishists. They make that pronouncement out if sheer ignorance of the people. Is that about it?

At 1:30 or so, he says it all--Aussies are sheep who just surrender to those in charge. Says it all about your lot.

I have a right to keep and bear arms; I have no criminal or mental illness problems, so I plan on exercising those rights until a majority of both Houses of Congress and 38 states vote to repeal the Second Amendment. Don't hold your breathe.

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