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Dick Smith:

It could be so different .
I spent a week in NZ at Easter. Every little town on the South Island seemed to have their own turbine helicopter and fixed wing operators doing scenic and hunting tours. When the sun came out at Milford sound the helos and cessnas were buzzing as thick as the sandflies.

It was most entertaining watching the return of a hunting party in a Hughes: Engine running and then out came the wife, the hunting dog, the rifles, the husband, the bags and a deer carcass, then off went the helo again! How many exemptions / permissions from CASA would that little operation require in Australia?

I spent about $1600 on Helicopter scenics at Milford Sound and Mount Cook, both of which involved landings in National parks which is also forbidden in Australia.

Then there is the fantastic photography from the "back country" operators doing stuff that is again automatically forbidden in Australia or would generate a "show cause" notice from CASA- landing on river beds, ridges, beaches, etc.

Then there is the network of grass strips in Americas national parks.....

Think how much jobs, investment and growth such operations could contribute to the Australian economy.

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