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Dick, you have entered the Matrix

Iím hoping against hope that the new DAS is Jonathan Aleck. He deserves the job.
Wow, deserving is a big pat on the back Creampuff. I am curious as to why or what Aleck has done to deserve said position? By your own admission Creamy the current regs are a Frankenstein. This 'Frankenstein' of foolish regs and legislation has been driven by the legal department. Yes Team LSD is the heart of the Frankenstein, and Mr Aleck has been the key driver for several decades. So how or why he is deserving of sitting in the Captains seat is beyond the realms of normality.
I would suggest a clean slate be the key to positive change, safety improvement and the saving of GA. That clean slate would include a comprehensive restructure with new blood brought in from abroad. However I believe that is most unlikely and Creamy may get his wish granted and Mr Aleck may be promoted. The fact that Truss is still snoring, MrDak was reappointed and Beaker received a further 2 year contract proves that nothing is or will change and we are in for a further 5 years of BOHICA come January 2015. The only positive is that Sleepy Terry will be shown the door after the new DAS has settled in to his new throne.

Dick, you mean well, and I like that, and you have my support. You also attempted some major change when you were CEO, however the GWM trumped you, with the backing of the government of the day. But sadly mate nothing has changed. Today we have an equally corrupt and covert government, the GWM still reign supreme at CASA, and the mere thought of transparency, honesty and accountability in Australian politics and their departments could earn you an execution by hanging!

The word tautology comes to mind friends. Sections of the IOS have been doing this dance now for 25 years and it's the longest waltz on record. Sadly it is not going to end with a one night stand or a quick shag in the back of the Commodore! We are wasting our energy, time and resources. However it does provide for a bit of entertainment along the way
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