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Qantas is the plaything of Hedge funds and narcissists, period. It cannot recover while it remains publicly owned.

The Hedge boys intend to take it private for a song. Once they that they will fire Joyce and his minions instantly, kill off the Jetstar brand which is worthless and the Asian adventures as well.

At the same time you put an axe through the whole "group" structure, thereby cutting out at least Three levels of senior management and ruthlessly hunt down and remove any managers that do not have relevant hands on experience of the function they purport to manage.

This does Three things:

(1) It improves the quality of management decisions.

(2) It improves the speed of decision-making.

(3) It massively reduces fixed costs.

The decision to get rid of Jetscar will be hailed by the travelling public and forms the foundation of a major new marketing campaign by Qantas. Of course the seat pitch doesn’t change by much, the food is not much better and the fare is slightly higher, but travellers/customers feel "loved" again.

The owners then proceed to ruthlessly screw the Australian travelling public for all they are worth - a 65% market share is not chickenfeed and Australia only has room for a duopoly in Airlines anyway.

However the Australian public will never know how much money a revamped Qantas makes because its now a private company.

The question for the new owners then is whether to keep the golden goose or re-float it on the stock market.

Hedge funds do this sort of revamp all the time.
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