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Hrdlicka, or whatever her name is, will jump ship shortly so as not to go down with the Jetstar ship.

When this entire Asian fantasy began I explained in great detail why it could never succeed and unfortunately I am correct.

But wait there is more... even if by some miraculous windfall Qantas did succeed in producing a real live cash profit in Asia they are still not out of the woods. A new phase of the old game "screw the foreigner" then starts: - try to repatriate your profits back to Australia!

The way the story plays in Asia is that even if you play the game and win, which is unlikely, you are still not allowed to leave the building with your bag of cash.

The first thing that happens is exactly the same thing that happens in Casinos; the "winner" is plied with drink and prostitutes and invited to remain at the betting table. Exactly the same thing would happen to Jetstar/Qantas, they would be invited, nay pressured, to invest their profits in the venture or another venture in country.

If that doesn't work, the gloves come off. Your business partner will allege that the profit isn't "real", that somehow the money belongs to him, not you, and trumps up a dispute.

That dispute is then taken to a sympathetic local court and you will then spend the next Ten years in commercial litigation - while your money is frozen.

..And if that fails, ,the next ploy is allegations of tax fraud and a Government investigation.

...And after that there are the banking laws.

Do I make myself clear? Your money flows into Asia only. It's just like Hotel California you can never leave.
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