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Tres cool
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So how many of the 49% yes voters will now vote in favour of CC? The company already knows we we're divided, now they have seen it in action... But clearly almost half the group thought this was good enough. Can that half now be relied on to take the next step into CC? And if not, does 51% of the AOA (which is of course we all know is much less then 51% of the entire pilot group) get the message across in CC while a potential majority is just doing the job (and probably working G days) as per the usual.

What does the company do next? One of two things in my opinion:

1. Offer "just" enough more to convince 30 more pilots to change their vote.
(5/4/4%??? 2500 HKPA?)

2. Present another offer that is "just" enough less to scare 30 more pilots into changing their vote before they come after expat housing and 3 man long haul?

Either way we are screwed. Probably 70% NO would have been needed to deliver a strong message. 51% yes probably would have been better. At least then we could have moved on to other issues. But now I fear the company will see a chance to devour a divided group.
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