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I would like to continue to live in my current overseas home if I were to join BA, is that acceptable for new joiners? And if it is, can I opt out of PAYE tax or would I pay tax as normal and then need to submit a tax rebate claim at the end of each year?
No reason why not, just be aware if asked that there's a caveat in Flight Time Limitations about not having to travel more of than 90 minutes prior to report for a trip.....

There's a bit more these days to being non-resident than simply midnights out of the UK so you'll need to take professional advice. If you are deemed non-resident by UK HMRC yes you can apply to be on a list with BA which removes you from PAYE. If the rules for you are the same as those that apply to UK nationals then depending on how much UK Duty you do in the year you will still liable to an element of UK tax. You'll probably have to file an annual return with HMRC and could/would have a annual tax bill based on the duty time in the UK during the year. In addition you will obviously (??) have also have to reconcile your Tax and Social Charges situation with your own tax authorities "at home".

At the moment you get staff travel after 6 months.

Not sure what the requirement is to get part time in the first place, but the last time I looked you needed to do three months full time flying after any conversion course before going onto or/back onto a part time roster.

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