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Your SIPP is exceptional - certainly not the standard for a BA pilot I'd hazard. Rich wife/ inheritance/ wind fall/ trust fund/ no life?
Exceptional? How would I know. It's not a topic of conversation at work.

Rich wife? Ha! Inheritance? Ha! Wind fall? I wish! Trust fund? No! No life? Quite the opposite!

I transferred a small personal pension into the scheme when I joined, and then spent at least ten years accruing at 45ths. It's what it says on the tin. My pension earned in BA.
Ask BMI/ MON pilots how safe pensions are.
Precisely why it's now in a SIPP, and no longer in the company scheme. It's my money to do with whatever I wish.

As for your financial calculations over a career, you'd need to be far more rigorous to come up with an accurate comparison I'm afraid. You'd also need a crystal ball. 18 years to a command? A LH command maybe. But a Gatwick command living an Easyjet style life? Not a chance. Gatwick is the most junior because there are far far better options available within BA for anyone who so prefers.

Have you overlooked the fact that some of our senior co-pilots earn around 100k basic, plus allowances? A 35 year captain (the career length you chose) would be earning in the order of 150k basic plus allowances. Your 'back of a fag packet' calculations don't stack up I'm afraid.

As I said. I hope you enjoy Easy as much as thousands of pilots are able to enjoy BA. Whilst you're flogging backwards and forwards around Europe on multi-sector days, there are BA colleagues taking a couple of Rolls Royce to the Maldives. They'll probably stay a week before bringing the Rollers back. It's their job you see. Sometimes the roster looks more like a holiday brochure!
a work/life balance.
Don't make me laugh!

Incidentally, I understand from the recruitment department we are interviewing a considerable number of Easy pilots. Can't imagine why. Obviously not you though eh?
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