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Go on then I'll bite.

1)sycamore...going or not? It would appear they're staying
2)housing development....where are we? Not 100% sure, I would say planning application is likely imminent
3)where is Hugh(joke) Couldn't care less
4)cobhams calibration unit Move On. Or off? They're still saying they're leaving but it seems to be getting repeatedly delayed
5)FRL. Secure?? Who's FRL? Cobham? If so they are more than secure
6)klm and eastern safe ? No reason to suspect otherwise, although monthly pax figures show a decrease they are up for the quarter
7). Next year news. Fly be etc? Too early to say, they're always talking to different prospective airlines/clients etc
8). Any news that can be passed on in hope??? No comment due to my answer will mean I'll be slated on here and I can't be ad
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