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Loving this thread!

I have luckily had mostly nice ones. Some are not the chattiest but i understand that.

Colin Firth - very polite but can't say he did much for me lookswise. His Mrs is stunning though!
Kristen Stewart - Polite, unassuming and seemed a bit shy. Not starry at all. Said 'Thank you' when she was leaving too.
Jane Fallon - Also nice.
Jo Brand - Cool lady
Jackie Collins - very friendly but very LA ...

My friend had Jennifer Lawrence on her flight a couple of years ago with some of her friends, before she really blew up. She said she was nice enough but really loud and a bit obnoxious.


Carol from Loose Women? Used to be married to Chris Evans? - Wow, what a

Kelly Osbourne - Spoilt brat who has one of those whiny LA/Brit accents

Sienna Miller - what a dumbass. I don't even know why she is famous besides Jude Law. How can such a nobody have such a high opinion of themselves?
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