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VH-UFO, if you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen/Darwin!

ATC is appalling in the Darwin terminal area. In fact it is the worst I have come across in my flying(destinations shrinking by the day) throughout the world. The problem seems to lie in that nobody, within the Darwin ATC, will acknowledge there is a problem. The UFO's reply is the typically defensive approach to this criticism, they take it personally, rather than acknowledging the problem and applying a fix. If you can't see that it is in need of a fix then you are also a part of the problem.

UFO, you might think we are being a bit harsh, but if you want to know, Darwin is the one place that pilots consistently brief/remind each other that ATC is a threat. It is of no coincidence that the majority of my and others ATC war stories come from Darwin.

It is time to fix the problem.
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