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According to a former North Korean poet laureate and recent defector, Kim Jung Un never ran anything. I suspect now that neither does his sister.

Instead, L'il Kim was simply a figurehead meant to perpetuate the myth of an infallible ruling Kim dynasty. The real power resides with the ruling Organization and Guidance Committee (OGD), with even the DPRK military subservient to that brutal and totalitarian gang.

For a gripping read, the book "Dear Leader" describes Jang Jin-Sung's role as a propagandist for the most inhumane and criminal government in the world, and his harrowing escape to the West.

Jin-Sung also exposes the lie (perpetuated here by certain odd sycophants) that the "Sunshine Policy" benefitted the North Korean people and could have lead to an opening to the West. Instead, the policy resuscitated a dying Kim regime, empowered the ruling clique, and created more suffering for the common people.

The sooner that odious bunch goes, and their supporters in the West embarrassed for the fools they are, the better.
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