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LeRotisseur, totally agree with your informations given. I think we had quite a nice group of candidates, mixed from throughout Europe

My interview though was really weird. Just got some questions about myself and how I got into flying. What do I think about my instructors. What do you know about Ryanair?
Technical: Why Loadsheets? Whats ZFW for? ADF failures. That's it. I'm really expecting a negative outcome, the interview just lasted about 20 minutes with pretty 'sub-basic' questions. It seemed to me that they didn't want to get to know me any further.

For my partner and me the simulator was really intense. Cabin crew informed us that we have smoke in the cabin. The problem was that we had to deal with it while entering a holding at EMA NDB so the workload was as high as could possibly be.
Our assessor was pushing us all the time. My bouddy and I came to the conclusion that we at least kept talking while trying to manage everything

Centralized one could definitely say the atmosphere was relaxed and the folks you get to know there are all as nervous as you are. We all came out of the building more or less stressed and somehow frustrated haha so we'll see what the results are.

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