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Quote:Your 'biggest error of judgement' is preferring the number in the bottom right corner of your pay slip above everything else! I hope Beijing don't come a knocking!
Agree with that. With all due respect to anyone out of a job or with an unpleasent base though, you will have to agree that being based in London (and before you all suggest, no I don't want to spend the only life I have commuting unless I really had to..) on a 4k net salary is not the best contract in the world.
I don't need to live in Myfair, but 4k will not go far in London or in the South East in general.

Yes there' s more to it than mere net salary, but I don't see any accomodation provided, private schooling payed, or company car and phone here right?
So please tell me, what should one be looking at if not the number at the bottom right corner?
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