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I'd like to point out that the hostile nature of this site does prevent some questions from being asked. This is probably not the best example, but while asking a question will risk being ridiculed for being dumb, it would be even dumber of you NOT to ask when you genuinely do not know.
This site is not hostile. This thread tries both to encourage "Wannabees" to question each other, and compare experiences, and to instil a sense of reality into Cadet candidates with unreasonable expectations.

I am not from CX, not a moderator, not a professional aviator, but I am an elderly HK resident with a few hours in flying, and an interest in assisting those who want to listen.

Bad eyesight is endemic in HK people - just look at the proportion of spec wearers - if your eyes don't work for professional aviation you must choose another job.

Please do not get over sensitive.
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