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While the question you raised might be silly to some, its not a sin to double check and make sure. (Incase someone calls me out for double standard; I still do not condone people asking things like how to apply and should search this thread before raising a question)

If you are sincere to the cadet program, you are always advised to present yourself in the most approriate way possible, that includes showing up to medical with properly prescribed spectacles.

I'd like to point out that the hostile nature of this site does prevent some questions from being asked. This is probably not the best example, but while asking a question will risk being ridiculed for being dumb, it would be even dumber of you NOT to ask when you genuinely do not know.

That being said, the guy above you has no quality of leadership in any cockpit for his unnessecary input. Please go fornicate a sidestick

Sincerly, one of 'those applicants'
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