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When I joined or shortly thereafter, I was sitting through a presentation by corporate safety. At the time, some young girl was presenting safety statistics and how wonderful CX was. She was also trashing Garuda for their less than impressive safety record. The thing that strikes me now, retrospectively, was that she seemed to be claiming CX's safety record as a big victory for corporate safety and the organization as a whole. I look back on that and think... It's mostly the pilots who make this a safe operation despite the obstacles we face from company. She was basically claiming credit for something that the pilots deserve nearly 100% of the praise for. Engineering has become a shell of its former self. Despatch can barely even produce the paperwork, much less help down route. Cabin crew have to be taught that where there is smoke there is a fire. 3rd floor, south tower tries their very best to ensure that we pilots are tired and pissed off as much as possible when we show up for work.

So yes, I'm taking 99.9% of the credit for the pilots.
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