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Hi Propellerhead,
In still air and a rough guide vector downwind on the reciprocal of the Final Approach track,no closer than about 6 miles from the final approach track to about 11 miles downwind.Base leg turn 90 deg,and when the target has about 1.5-2mile to final approach track turn onto closing heading no more than 40 deg from final approach.That should get a 10 ish mile final.You also want about 2 mile of level flight before intercepting the glide path unless using a continuous descent approach.
If you are correcting for the wind then it's just experimenting and adjusting the headings,to correct the drift from wherever the wind is blowing.Strong headwind,base leg turn earlier.Tailwind give it more room.Crosswind change the closing headings to avoid going through the localiser.
We were always taught to vector wide and then you can tighten them up.Not the other way round.
Your right though it is an art form,especially get minimum spacing in a sequence.
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