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There is a way section 4C.

HMHB "I reckon we should all write to the new DAS to address those issues that were ignored or brushed under the carpet. That way certain peoples names will be known very quickly.
For a much better 'double whammy' why not load the ethics committee up first; with names, dates, times and places; the let them do their thing – dismissing those complaints. Then, once their collective heads where in the noose; expose the rotten system for what it is. "What it is" you ask – well it's simple. Those who make up the committee must simply judge whether their own past actions have been fair, reasonable and compliant. Once 'they' have judged themselves 'innocent' of their own crimes; the 'confessions' are signed, sealed and delivered. And that, my friend, you can take to court first and the bank second.

It's a ludicrous, piss-pottical system cynically designed to foster and promote those who twist, manipulate and make mock of the last hope for a fair hearing under AUD$1,000,000, for the victims.

Nothing to loose by trying. Quadrio, for example would make a perfect overture to the symphony.

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